Archives: 2005: Carlos Cruz-Diez. Interactive Random Chromatic Experience
Carlos Cruz-Diez. Interactive Random Chromatic Experience
Sicardi Gallery
25 February - 09 April 2005
2246 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas, USA

Carlos Cruz-Diez invites you to delve into his chromatic research and vibrational discoveries. Indeed, the artists has installed a computer at Sicardi Gallery to entice the viewer's interactive experience by drawing random images from his artistic background. At the end, you can print in color, as a musical score, your personal interpretation of both his kinetic language and geometric gamut.

Besides the Interactive Random Chromatic Experience, the exhibition also displays large-scale works such as Physichromies, Inductions Chromatiques and Additions Chromatiques.

María Inés Sicardi, Héctor Olea and Carlos Cruz-Diez at the Sicardi Gallery's entrance door

Carlos and Jorge Cruz Delgado, Cruz-Diez's sons, posing between Physichromie 2378

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