Archives: 2005: L'Œil Moteur. Art Optique et Cinétique. 1950-1975
L'Œil Moteur. Art Optique et Cinétique. 1950-1975
Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain
13 May - 25 September 2005
1, place Hans Jean Arp Strasbourg, France

The Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art will host a major exhibition of optical and kinetic art. Its aim is to contribute, from both the historical and the theoretical point of view, to a better knowledge of this artistic current which emerged in the 1950s with such figureheads as Victor Vasarely, Jesús-Rafael Soto, Nicolas Schöffer or Yaacov Agam.

This exhibition offers a sensory voyage of discovery structured around four aspects: the kinetic eye, the physical eye, the neural eye and the acoustic eye. The structure of the exhibition will be neither chronological nor monographic. It will attempt to maintain a certain coherence between works that play on retinal stimulation, sensory environments and photokinetic works.

The second section - the physical eye- will explore manipulative and coercive processes, as well as encouraging viewer participation by opening up the work of art to tactile and kinaesthetic exploration. It will focus more specifically on three themes: transformable reliefs (Yaacov Agam, Carmelo Aden Quin, Pol Bury, Lygia Clark, Gianni Colombo, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Julio Le Parc, Victor Lucena, Joël Stein...), optical confusion achieved by multiplying viewpoints through displacement and/or a system of mirrors (Getulio Alviani, Pol Bury, Raymond Hains, Julio Le Parc, Christian Megert, Nicolas Schöffer...) and physical instability and coercive devices that modify the viewer’s behaviour (G.R.A.V., Julio Le Parc, Gianni Colombo...)

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