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La Experiencia sensorial del color
Periférico Caracas - Arte Contemporáneo
29 November - 23 January 2010
Centro de Arte Los Galpones 29-11, Av. Ávila con 8va transversal, Los Chorros, Caracas 1071, Venezuela

This exhibition explores the artist's pioneering contribution to the experimental practices that emerged in the decades of the Sixties and Seventies that proposed the dematerialization of the object to create participatory environment that involved the body, senses and subjectivity of the spectator, turning the viewer into a participant in the art work.

The exhibition will feature a Chromosaturation, a site-specific environment designed by the artist that focuses on the relationship between color and perception. Initially conceived in 1965 and presented for the first time in 1968 in the Ostwald Museum in Dortmund, Germany, this work consists of three separate color chambers infused with red, green and blue light. The real content of this work is the visitor's experience of walking through the shifting chromatic space and interacting over time through his physical movement.

In addition, the exhibition will also include three other participatory works, Douches d'Induction Chromatique, 1968, one of the artist’s first experiments with the idea of color in space, where color is experienced via a series of booths in the shape of showers made with strips of transparent colored plastic; an Environnement Chromointerférent, 1974, a changing, three-dimensional chromatic projection environment activated by the physical movement of the spectator/participant; and a Random Interactive Chromatic Experience, 1995, an interactive computer installation that allows the spectator to create his own visual interpretation of Cruz Diez' work.

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