Archives: 2010: Environment Chromatic-Interferences. Interactive Space by Carlos Cruz-Diez
Environment Chromatic-Interferences. Interactive Space by Carlos Cruz-Diez
Guandong Museum of Art
11 September - 31 October 2010
38 Yanyu Road, Er-sha Island, Guangzhou, China

Cruz-Diez began his research on color alongside the Kinetic Movement of the 60s. His reflection on art has expanded our ideas about color to the point where today we can understand that perceptions of chromatic phenomena do not necessarily have to be associated with form.

Cruz-Diez has conceived his proposition by what he qualifies as spatial structures, chromostructures or media for chromatic events, giving origin to what we know as Physichromies, Transchromies, Inductions Chromatiques, Couleurs additives, Chromointerférences and Chromosaturations.

These are the focus of all his research and works–works in which he shows that color, when it interacts with the observer, is transformed into an autonomous event capable of invading space without the aid of form, without narrative or symbols.

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Guandong Museum of Art - Environment Chromaticinterferences

© Atelier Cruz-Diez / Courtesy of Guandong Museum of Art 2010

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