Archives: 2011: Cruz-Diez. Cuestionamiento a lo Bidimensional
Cruz-Diez. Cuestionamiento a lo Bidimensional
Galería Cayón
17 February - 30 April 2011
Orfila 10, Madrid, Spain

The concept of "static support" has accompanied artistic expression throughout centuries. It was the solution devised by man to freeze time, the ephemeral moment. Thus, painting on a flat surface symbolizesthe permanent and eternal.

The "Chromatic Inductions" and "Additive Color", provide another solution to integrate the notion of real space and time on the "static surface". They produce a chromatic event that is continually evolving due to the viewer's own mouvement and changing light, against the nature and purposes of traditional pictorial space. It is the "flat painting" that evolves and changes in a space and time dialectic between the viewer and the work.

Carlos Cruz-Diez

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