Archives: 2011: Kolor i Geometria [Colour and Geometry]
Kolor i Geometria [Colour and Geometry]
National Museum of Kielce
11 February - 03 April 2011
Pl. Zamkowy 1 25-010 Kielce, Poland

The exhibition includes paintings and three-dimensional objects by 50 artists from 12 countries, mainly European ones (Austria, Belgium, France, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Poland, Venezuela, Hungary and Great Britain). Kielce is the third place where the exhibition is presented after Museum in Sens, France, and two displays in Germany: in Kunstverein (Association of Artists) in Halle and in Kunsthaus (Art House) in Nuremberg. A curator of the exhibition – French painter Jean-Pierre Viot assembled works by artists of worldwide reputation, it is enough to mention Carlos Cruz-Diez from Venezuela – one of the most famous Ibero-American artists creating geometry art, living in Paris; Norbert Thomas or Jo Kuhn from Germany, Piet van Zoon from Netherlands, Hellmut Bruca or Josef Linschinger from Austria, Mitsouko Mori from Japan, Julian Gil from Spain or Claude Pasquer and Ives Popet from France. Poland is represented by Jan Berdyszak, Jan Pamuła and Wiesław Łuczaj.

After being displayed in Poland, the exhibition will be presented in France in the Contemporary Art Centre in Marcigny.

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