Archives: 2011: Les Artistes s’affranchissent
Les Artistes s’affranchissent
Centre d'Art contemporain de Bourgogne - Château du Tremblay
05 July - 29 October 2011
Centre Régional d'Art Contemporain, Le Tremblay, 89520 Fontenoy

The Centre d'Art Contemporain de Bourgogne presents a selection of the most prestigious envelopes of the Pierre-Stéphane Proust collection, in which some of the correspondences (such as those sent to Carlos Cruz-Diez) display the work of the artist.

Under the title "Les Artistes S'Affranchisent," this exhibition is accompanied by lectures, animations, and an exhibition on the castle grounds of out of the ordinary mailboxes by Pierre-Prévost.

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