Archives: 2013: Cruz-Diez en Blanco y Negro
Cruz-Diez en Blanco y Negro
Fundación BBVA Provincial
03 May - 21 July 2013
Av. de La Castellana, cruce con calle El Bosque, Edificio Provincial, piso 3. Urbanización La Castellana, Caracas, Venezuela

The Fundación BBVA Provincial presents to the public the exhibition: Cruz-Diez en Blanco y Negro. This is an exceptional and unprecedented show featuring a previously unseen facet of the artist: his photographic work between 1942 and 1986.

The selection criteria that guided the photographic research presented in this exhibition is based not only in the aesthetic sense, but also in the historical and documentary value of many of the photos. To do this, we used the same negative revealed by Cruz-Diez himself and archived for more than sixty years the in the Documentation Centers of Cruz-Diez's workshops in Paris and Panama. All photographs are shown for the first time.

Following this concept, the show takes the viewer through a journey that visually narrates the formative steps undertaken by the young Cruz-Diez and shows its early sensitivity to diverse topics including man and his landscape, monuments, characters, popular festivities, architecture and family. These images manifest a photographer equipped with a very special perception, which already announced his penchant for the geometric, social and human environment, which will become the fundamental mark of his art work.

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