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Modernités plurielles: de 1905 à 1970
Centre Pompidou
23 October - 26 January 2015
Place Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

With a new display of its collections, the Centre Pompidou is presenting a fresh overview of modern art from 1905 to 1970.

This exhibition contains an exceptional selection of over 1,000 works by 400 artists from 47 countries. It covers all fields of creation including the plastic arts, photography, film, architecture and design.

Rather than the usual linear viewpoint focused on European movements, it presents a history now extended to include the fringes and outer reaches of art. This new-look journey through the collections is a genuine map of all the connections and cross-influences that have shaped the great adventure of modern art – not to mention movements going against the flow.

"Modernités plurielles" is the result of exploratory work carried out by a team of curators and researchers headed by Catherine Grenier, Co-Director of the MNAM/CCI, in charge of research and globalisation. It draws on the often unsuspected riches of the Centre Pompidou’s collections, presenting a new interpretation of the history of modern art.
This global, open-spirited presentation stages unprecedented encounters between the most celebrated masterpieces in the collection – by Matisse, Foujita, Mondrian, Frida Kahlo, Picasso, Kupka and many others – and several unfamiliar works: new acquisitions, donations and pieces brought back into the spotlight for the occasion.

The exhibition features two major artworks by Carlos Cruz-Diez:

Carlos Cruz-Diez, Proyecto para un mural exterior, Caracas, 70,5 x 55,5 x 10,3 cm. Caracas, 1954. (Three wiews)

Carlos Cruz-Diez, Physichromie 506, 180 x 180 cm. Paris, 1970.

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