Archives: 2013: Vibrations
Des Moines Art Center
18 January - 12 May 2013
4700 Grand Ave Des Moines, Iowa 515.277.4405

Vibrations presents a dazzling selection of 25 works from the Des Moines Art Center's Permanent Collections in which artists explore the nature of visual perception. Op artists represented in the exhibition include Bridget Riley, whose black-and-white lines and patterns seem to vibrate and fold; and Victor Vasarely, whose glowing, pulsating geometric images seem to map new spatial dimensions. Additional works from this dynamic international movement include a lenticular print by Yaacov Agam; a screenprint of diaphanous veils of line that generate moiré patterns by Carlos Cruz-Diez; a string composition by Sue Fuller; and a nine-square mandala color etching of alternating color blocks and fine lines by Jesús Rafael Soto.

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