Archives: 2014: Cruz-Diez. Didáctica y dialéctica del color
Cruz-Diez. Didáctica y dialéctica del color
Hacienda la Trinidad, Universidad Simón Bolívar
08 June - 24 August 2014
Calle Rafael Rangel Sur, Urbanización Sorokaima. La Trinidad, Baruta. Caracas 1080, Venezuela

The Universidad Simón Bolívar presented again, 34 years after the first time in 1980, the pedagogical exhibition, created by Carlos Cruz-Diez himself "Didáctica y dialéctica del color".

This show reviews the main researches by Cruz-Diez, giving the visitor all the keys to understand the development of additive, inductive, substractive and reflective colors that are declined in the artist's artworks.

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