Archives: 2014: Cruz-Diez en noir et blanc. Photographies de 1943 à 1975
Cruz-Diez en noir et blanc. Photographies de 1943 à 1975
Maison de l'Amérique latine
04 November - 31 January 2015
217, Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris, France

The exhibition "Cruz-Diez en Noir et Blanc" presents more that sixty photographs of the artist that will make the spectator travel in between 1947 and 1975 from the barrios of Caracas to Paris, passing by El Masnou (Barcelona) and New York. This exhibition helps us to understand the influence of his photographic work in his first artworks, up to the creation of his structured proposal around the chromatic phenomenon.

"Cruz-Diez en Noir et Blanc" captures, with an impressive force and accuracy, the different manifestations of Venezuelan popular culture. The eminently social nature and the composition can be found in the first figurative paintings of Cruz-Diez. We discover as well the rhythmic planes, highly contrasted, in which the overlapping of geometric forms and depth planes constrain the limits of optical perception and remind us of the first abstract compositions of the painter. Then, in 1959, some months before deciding to settle definitively in Europe, Carlos Cruz-Diez defined the way that brought him today’s artistic recognition and also focused his photographic work on artist friends and on historic exhibitions. With his characteristic visual sharpness, his photographic work immerses us in a Parisian artistic circle and fascinating past.

This exhibition is, on the one hand, the discovery of Cruz-Diez as a photographer, who gives to black and white a singular depth. On the other hand, it is also a conspiratorial nod to the famous Cruz-Diez, one of the great masters of color.

Curator: Jordi Ballart Junyer.

This exhibition in part of the program "Anonymes et amateurs célèbres" of the Mois de la Photo 2014.

An illustrated catalogue accompanies this exhibition.

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