Archives: 2014: Dialogues, vol. 1
Dialogues, vol. 1
04 March - 26 April 2014
Place Charles Ottina 69800 Saint-Priest, France

The Artothèque inaugurates an exhibition-dialogue between works of kinetic art and design pieces. With, as backdrop, the question of the body and the eye of the beholder .

The first interlocutor of this Dialogue featured by the Artothèque is kinetic art, artistic trend from the 60's centered on the movement and the report of the work with the body of the viewer. Coming from the historical collection of the City, the exhibition features silkscreens by Carlos Cruz Diez, Jesus Rafael Soto, Agam Yaacov, amongst others.

Opposite, more discreet works, even invisible: furniture pieces used in community institutions created by great figures of design. Mackintosh chairs that greeted the couple in marriage hall of the Town Hall, a Giancarlo Piretti that also furnishes the ground floor of the Town Hall… Ten pieces repatriated to artothèque for the occasion, thus been expertly arranged in the exhibition..

In between, a dialogue on the importance of the body and its position. Clear link with the design, body discipline par excellence, whose parts are designed to articulate with our physical body. And not so surprising either for kinetic art, where the viewer 's position in space creates the work.

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