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La couleur et le corps
Galerie Denise René - Espace Marais
27 March - 24 May 2014
22 rue Charlot Paris, France

The exhibition La couleur et le corps (Color and body), presented by the Gallery Denise René in Paris puts in perspective the encounter between one of the great theorists on color the artist Carlos Cruz-Diez and the couturier Oscar Carvallo. For this exhibition, the Gallery Denise René proposes a visual dialog between the art pieces and the couturier’s creations.

Between the artist’s pieces, the visitor will discover kinetic sculpture dresses imagined by Oscar Carvallo and which have been inspired by six paintings made exclusively for the occasion by Cruz-Diez. At the heart of this collaboration, the body is an intermediary which concentrates the conversation around the phenomenon of color.

A selection of original draws of the artist and the couturier will reinforce the importance of this visual dialog into the creative process.

Displayed like miniature pieces of art, the limited edition of high jewelry made by Cruz-Diez based on his Chromointerférences and Physicromies completes the exhibition.

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