Archives: 2015: Múltiple. Poligrafa Obra Gráfica
Múltiple. Poligrafa Obra Gráfica
Espacio Monitor
22 February - 17 May 2015
Galpón 1 del Centro de Arte Los Galpones, en la transversal 8 con Av. Avila de la urbanización Los Chorros, Caracas, Venezuela

Group exhibition of graphic works by major international artists from Argentina, Canada, Chile, Spain, United States, England, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. All works, newly created, have been published by Polígrafa Obra Gráfica, a prestigious company in Barcelona, Spain, who after 50 years of existence is worldwide recognized as one of Europe's largest artwork edition publishers of both established, mid-career, and emerging contemporary artists.

© Photos: Espacio Monitor

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