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Short Cuts
Centre PasquArt
19 April - 14 June 2015
Faubourg du Lac 71–73 CH-2502 Bienne, Switzerland

At a time in which the digital is omnipresent, the interdisciplinary group exhibition "Short Cuts" highlights the dialogue between two generations of artists who operate between art, design and technology. This comparison makes clear how technology and its influences are present in the electronic arts of our own times as well as in the concrete and kinetic art of the 60s and 70s.

Comparable with the view through a kaleidoscope, the exhibition allows access to a variety of formal and discursive approaches which refer to the interplay between the increasingly digitalised world in which we live and artistic practices influenced by digital media.

Through large-scale installations, video projections, robotic objects, research projects, performances and historic documents the exhibition unites artists of various nationalities. The continuities and interruptions that have taken place in the exchange between various disciplines are manifested in both the historical and contemporary works. The early achievements continue to be developed or deconstructed and combined with new subject matter. Both generations examine temporal and spatial interdependency as well as the relationship between information and reality.

Participation and movement are likewise a component of certain works. When observing these the viewer may become aware that aesthetic perception is based not only on the information provided by images, but also on the behaviour of the recipient, that is, on how the visitor approaches the work and interacts with it.
In the dialogue between the generations visual motifs are manifested which move like echoes between the epochs. In view of this exchange the exhibition contributes to the discussion around the value of art informed by technology in the context of contemporary art and society.

Carlos Cruz-Diez, Transchromie Bienne, 1965-2015, Methacrylat, 200 x 330 x 30 cm
© Carlos Cruz-Diez / Adagp, Paris, 2015 © Photo: GFF

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