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Carlos Cruz-Diez : du statique au dynamique
Galerie Denise René, Espace Marais & Rive gauche
02 June - 15 September 2016
22 rue Charlot, 75003 ; 196 bd Saint-Germain, 75007, Paris, France

Denise René Gallery presents “Cruz-Diez: du statique au dynamique”, a simultaneous exhibition taking place at its two spaces of boulevard Saint-Germain and Espace Marais. With the present exhibit the gallery intends to return to the roots of the artistic proposal of this major figure of kinetic art that the gallery has accompanied since he moved to Paris in 1960.

“Cruz-Diez: du statique au dynamique” proposes a rare opportunity to (re)discover the bi-dimensional works of this color theorist and explores the most recent developments of a fertile creation that is in constant changing. Carlos Cruz-Diez says that this unknown aspect about his work has allowed him to “research, experience and develop the concepts that have structured his chromatic discourse”.

Since the Couleurs Additives, which were first created in 1959, as well as in the Inductions Chromatiques, developed since 1963, Carlos Cruz-Diez has displayed a fascinating artistic proposal that intends to free color from its support in order to make it emerge into space.

In the Couleurs Additives, Carlos Cruz-Diez isolates the optical mixture that happens between two or more colors in order to create new range of colors that change according to variations in light and the spectator’s shifting viewpoint. Those colors that do not exist in the support of the work appear before our eyes and are in constant changing. The Inductions Chromatiques are works in which the persistence of vision creates colored areas that even if they are purely virtual; they are as real as if they came from pigments.

At Espace Marais, Charlot street, visitors will discover a selection of unique original pieces and a whole new series, specially created by the artist for the exhibition, reflecting that at 92 years old, Carlos Cruz-Diez is constantly experimenting and innovating so as to enrich his possibilities of expression.

At Rive gauche, a collection of recent multiple artworks (originals and editions) will be presented.

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