Archives: 2016: Efímeras
La Caja, Centro Cultural Chacao
17 April - 05 June 2016
Av. Tamanaco, El Rosal, Caracas, Venezuela

"Efímeras" at La Caja, Centro Cultural Chacao, is a show featuring ephemeral artworks -to be destroyed after the show-, in an exhibition format Cruz-Diez has been developing for several years in different parts of the world, especially in China and South Korea.

This exhibition has been conceived with the collaboration of Taller Articruz Panamá and the Fundación Taller Cruz-Diez Caracas.

Color Aditivo Chacao 4, 2015, 100 x 100 cm (left); Amarillo Inducido Chacao 7, 2015, 100 x 100 cm (right)

Listen to the radio interview of Carlos Cruz-Diez with César Miguel Rondón at Radio Exitos.

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