Archives: 2016: Movimientos
Galerie Mitterrand
09 September - 19 November 2016
79 Rue du Temple, 75003 Paris

This exhibition explores the relationship between Latin America and Europe and the creative activity which increased following the rhythm of the round trips of artists between the two continents. These exchanges across the Atlantic were enriched over the years thanks to artists like Antonio Asis, Sergio Camargo, Julio le Parc, Jesús Soto, Carlos Cruz-Diez and Rogelio Polesello. The movement is then developed to the highest point, the exhibition at the New York MoMA, the beginning of a more general movement in 1965, called Op Art.

"Movimientos" hopes to account for the flow of ideas within the Kinetic movement and reveals, through significant works, its magnitude at the heart of years of experimentation and discovery. This body of works still influences today's contemporary artists and allows the movement to preserve modernity and resonance.

The exhibition features works by artists Carmelo Arden-Quin, Antonio Asis, Hugo Demarco, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Lucio Fontana, Horacio Garcia Rossi, Gyula Kosice, Julio Le Parc, Rogelio Polesello, Francisco Sobrino, Jesus-Rafael Soto, Luis Tomasello, Victor Vasarely.

Carlos Cruz-Diez, Chromointerférence mécanique (1966) and Physichromie 456 (1969).

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