Archives: 2017: IMMA Collection. Coastlines
IMMA Collection. Coastlines
Irish Museum of Modern Art
13 October - 31 December 2017
Royal Hospital Military Road, Kilmainham, Dublin 8, D08 FW31, Ireland

The exhibition "IMMA Collection. Coastlines" undertakes an exploration of our sense of place, perception, representation and memory, as well as an examination of language and other systems that attempt to map what our senses perceive.

Works by Dorothy Cross, Clare Langan, Richard Long, Donald Teskey, Alexandra Weychart, Bridget Riley, Timothy Drever/Robinson, Carlos Cruz-Diez and others explore the tensions between motion and stillness, focusing on different patterns and lines, surfaces, folds, erasures and borders.

Carlos Cruz-Diez, Physichromie 226, Paris 1966, 81 x 61 cm

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