Archives: 2017: The Urge to Create Visions
The Urge to Create Visions
Centre of Polish Sculpture
27 May - 17 September 2017
Topolowa 1, 26-505 Oronsko, Poland

“The urge to create visions…” is an international exhibition organized in cooperation with the Signum Foundation. The title of the exhibition refers to Stefan Themerson’s essay from 1936, published in 1937 in the second edition of the avant-garde magazine ‘f.a.’ (artistic film).

The exhibition, presented as a collage, shows historical and contemporary artists who have worked on the notions of movement, light, time and space such as Elias Crespin, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Wojciech Fangor, Pawel Grobelny, Mikolaj Grospierre, Bethan Huws, Kimsooja, Lin Yi, Michal Martychowiec, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Jesus Rafael Soto, Franciszka and Stefan Themerson, Ludwig Wilding and Chi Tsung Wu.

The exhibition features a Chromosaturation by Carlos Cruz-Diez taking over the whole space of the Chapel Gallery.

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