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Spatial Chromointerference
Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern
12 May - 07 April 2019
105 Sabine St, Houston, TX 77007, USA

The Buffalo Bayou Park, in association with Sicardi Gallery, commissioned Carlos Cruz-Diez to create the work Spatial Chromointerference, specially conceived for the Cistern, a 87.000 sq. ft. space.

The artist conceived an ephemeral and participatory work integrated into the architecture of the urban space, the objective being to radically change the experience of color. Cruz-Diez’s Spatial Chromointerference (1974/2018) creates a situation in space involving the dematerialization, transfiguration, and ambiguity of color through movement. By projecting moving chromatic interference modules on objects and people, these become transparent and virtually change condition and form. The spectator becomes both actor and author of a complete chromatic event, which evolves through space.

Twenty-six projectors will be placed in the Cistern to project moving lattices of light on the columns, interior walls, walkways and on cubes floating in the shallow pool of water on the Cistern floor. This aerial projection, reinforced by its reflection on the water, will create a space where everything loses its materiality. Color becomes not merely a visual object to see but a space to be experienced.

© Photo: 2018 Hester + Hardaway Photographers

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