Upcoming: Cruz-Diez. Color As Action
Cruz-Diez. Color As Action
Galería Cayón
12 June - 28 August 2021
Carrer de Sant Roc 24 07701 Mahón. Menorca (Islas Baleares)

This exhibition can be considered a compilation of the main lines of research that defined the work of this artist that proposes color as an autonomous and evolutive reality; color as an event that takes place in space and time, without anecdotes or references, striped from any symbols, past or future, in a continuous present.

Galería Cayón is pleased to present the Cruz-Diez’s main lines of research in order to invite the audience to become an active participant in the creation of his work through Physichromies, Chromointerférences, Inductions Chromatiques and a Labyrinthe de Transchromie, in which the artist invites the public to walk through the piece.

In partnership with the Atelie Cruz-Diez, the gallery’s entrance will also include the Inducción Cromática a Doble Frecuencia a 6 meters-high work conceived by the artists in 2016 for the gallery’s Madrid space.

For more information, please visit: www.galeriacayon.com

Cortesía Atelier Cruz-Diez y Galería Cayón Madrid/Manila/Menorca, 2021.
Fotografía © Joaquín Cortés Noriega

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