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Work by Carlos Cruz-Diez at the New Marlins Ballpark
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Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez presented one of his most recent works at the main entrance plaza of the Marlins new ballpark in Miami. The monumental piece was unveiled during the inauguration of the baseball stadium on April 4, 2012.

The work was created with paving made from a compound of glass, feldspar, and pigments, designed to resist the flow of people expected to walk through it every day.

During the presentation of his project, Cruz-Diez affirmed: "It is a privilege to have been invited by the Marlins’ organization to participate, along with other artists, in the art and architecture integration program implemented by Miami-Dade County. I was asked to develop a proposal for the main entrance plaza of this new colossal stadium with a capacity for 37,000 spectators. I conceived Chromatic Induction in a Double Frequency as a piece that functions as a boardwalk and entranceway that would cover four acres of land. The structure consists of modules in three lines of color that are repeated to infinitum and that are superimposed by another frequency of black lines—with the objective of generating a chromatic event in a process of constant transformation. The offset created between the two frequencies generates colors that are not part of the support. As they move, visitors walking through the space on their way to the stadium will observe the appearance and disappearance of color ranges that continually evolve over the gradient visuals during the walk."

With regard to the harmonic fusion between the conception of his work and the architecture of the space Cruz-Diez said, "the plans and mockups that I submitted to Miami-Dade county were useful to communicate with the architects and engineers of the stadium, to address the placement and proportions of the piece, as well as to discuss the treatment of the area that surrounds the work. The goal was to achieve a coherent and functional harmonious whole that did not distort the architectural vision or modified the original concept of my work.”

Source : www.artnexus.com

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