Cruz-Diez App by the Cruz-Diez Foundation

"Interactive Random Chromatic Experience"

According to the participative concept in the work of Carlos Cruz-Diez, the application “Interactive Chromatic Random Experience”, originally created in 1995, gives you the opportunity to experience the behaviors of color following the language of the artist. As a musician interprets a musical score by penetrating the composer’s mind, the application enables you to use the painter’s tools. Play with colored shapes and lines and see how they reveal colors that do not exist on the material support.

A trial version gives you access to some of the artist’s tools for 5 minutes.
To support the Foundation’s initiatives, you can purchase the complete version of the application.
You will then be able to add shapes, to modify any of the lines of the background screen, to save your creation as a screen wallpaper, or send it by mail from your iPhone or iPad, without time limitation.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Al Balad,
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
08.06.19 - 17.07.19

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation
57, Tauelsizdik avenue, Nur-Sultan
Palace of Independence
52, Tauelsizdik avenue, Nur-Sultan
03.07.19 - 30.08.19

Panamá City
Ave. de los Mártires
con Calle San Blas, Ancón
Panamá City
23.06.19 - 18.08.19

Vienna, Austria
Museumsplatz 1,
A-1070 Vienna
25.05.19 - 27.10.19

Gyeonggi-do Suwon Yeongtong-gu Route du parc du lac Gwanggyo 80
01.05.19 - 01.09.19

79 rue du Temple
75003 Paris
15.04.19 - 27.07.19

rue Veydt 15
1060 Brussels
26.04.19 - 27.07.19

Tate Modern
Bankside, London SE1 9TG, United Kingdom
17.06.16 - 31.12.19