Carlos Cruz-Diez in conversation

This is the second book in the conversations / conversaciones series. Based on conversations that occurred over a span of thirty years, Ariel Jiménez provides a deep and engaged account of the life and work of Carlos Cruz-Diez, one of Latin America’s foremost artists, and a leading practitioner of Kinetic and Op art.

ISBN: 978-0-9823544-2-1

Author:     Ariel Jiménez
Title:    Carlos Cruz-Diez in Conversation with/en conversación con Ariel Jiménez
Publisher:     Fundación Cisneros/Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros
Date:    2010
Details:      Bilingual edition (English and Spanish)
     248 pages
     23,6 x 16 x 3,3 cm
     Weight - 770 gr



Carlos Cruz-Diez in Conversation with Ariel Jiménez