Cruz-Diez in Black and White

Edited by The Cruz-Diez Art Foundation, Cruz-Diez in Black and White reveals an unknown facet of the artist: his photographic work in black and white. The set of images that compose the book, offers a testimony of the life of the artist from the early days of his life in Venezuela in the 1940s, to his experiences in Europe in the 1950s and 1960.

Texts by Carlos Cruz-Diez and Edgar Cherubini Lecuna
Edited by The Cruz-Diez Art Foundation.

ISBN: 978-2-9891191-0-8

Author:     Carlos Cruz-Diez
Title:    Cruz-Diez en Blanco y Negro
Publisher:     The Cruz-Diez Art Foundation
Date:    2013
Details:      Spanish and English
     152 pages
     31 x 31 x 2 cm
     1,9 kg


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