Past Events
Induction Chromatique Feu Vert II

Carlos Cruz-Diez specially designed this artwork for the sailboat "Feu Vert II" in collaboration with Moving Art Agency.

This Induction Chromatique à double fréquence, which is over 11 meters high (36 ft.), generates a chromatic rhythm on the sail's surface and develops varied ranges of virtual colors that appear and are modified according to our position, the movement of the boat and its sail as well as the intensity of light.

Induction Chromatique Feu Vert II (2017), is presented for the first time on the occasion of the 19th edition of Voiles de Saint-Tropez, a first-class nautical event bringing together thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world from September 30 to October 8, 2017.

© Photo: Beatriz Moreno

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