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"The works that I create in urban spaces and buildings are part of a plastic discourse generated in time and space that creates situations and chromatic events which change the dialectic between the spectator and the work. Unlike medieval and renaissance artists and the Mexican muralists, my works do not contain referential discourses. They are the medium for an event that happens in the reality of time and space, changing according to the movement of the light and the distance between the work and the spectator. They are independent situations devoid of anecdotes in which the spectator discovers color as it comes into being and disappears, without past or future, in a perpetual present."

Paris, 1996

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Date Range
Parc de sculptures contemporaines, Domaine du Muy
83490 Le Muy
12.07.15 - 12.10.16

Das Kleine Museum
Goethestrasse 15 D-95163
Weissenstadt am See,
28.06.15 - 17.10.15