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Monumental artworks

The works that I create in urban spaces and buildings are part of a plastic discourse generated in time and space that creates situations and chromatic events which change the dialectic between the spectator and the work. Unlike medieval and renaissance artists and the Mexican muralists, my works do not contain referential discourses. They are the medium for an event that happens in the reality of time and space, changing according to the movement of the light and the distance between the work and the spectator. They are independent situations devoid of anecdotes in which the spectator discovers color as it comes into being and disappears, without past or future, in a perpetual present.

Cruz-Diez Paris, 1996

Work selection




Ambientación de Color Aditivo

Caracas, 1974

Simón Bolívar International Airport, Maiquetía, Venezuela, 1974



Environnement Chromatique

Environnement Chromatique

Paris, 2016

Exhibition “Carlos Cruz-Diez : Un être flottant”, Palais d’Iéna, Galerie Mitterrand, Paris, France, 2016

The daily journey through urban spaces changes our personality and makes us into habitual beings who obey rules that nobody questions. The artist can create ephemeral expressions that, by generating completely new events, transform urban “linearity” and at the same time inject an element of surprise into urban routine. These ephemeral works are a way of producing different readings of urban spaces and of deconsecrating the utilitarian objects of urban furniture.

Carlos Cruz-Diez L’Été Marseillais, France, 1989

Cromoestructura radial - Homenaje al Sol
Cromoestructura radial - Homenaje al Sol

Cromoestructura radial - Homenaje al Sol

Caracas, 1982/1987

Roundabout Las Trinitarias, Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Induction Chromatique

Induction Chromatique

Paris, 1989

Intervention on 3 crosswalks, festival “L’Art dans la rue", during “L’Été marseillais”, Place Général de Gaulle, Marseille, France, 1989

Ambientación Cromática - Mural de Color Aditivo / Sala de Máquinas 1 y 2

Caracas, 1977-1986

17 x 245 m

Engine Room n°1, Simón Bolívar Hydroelectric Plant, Guri, Venezuela

We live in a world where everyone constantly balances between gregariousness and intimacy. The idea is to create works that respond to these two situations, that refer from one to the other, that rest us from the collective when it is necessary (thus my individual pieces) and that cure us of isolation when we don't want it anymore (thus my chromatic paths and my chromointerferences that suggest architectural applications, in the free space of the street).

Cruz-Diez Carlos Cruz-Diez et les trois étapes de la couleur moderne, Jean Clay, 1969

Physichromie Berrini One

São Paulo, 2012-2014

Berrini One Building, São Paulo, Brazil

3 x 58 m

Architect: Aflalo/Gasperini

Color aditivo Sabana Grande

Color aditivo

Caracas, 1975

Intervention on 4 crosswalks for the festival “El artista y la ciudad”, Boulevard of Sabana Grande, Caracas, Venezuela, 1975-1976

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